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At Compressor World we make things happen. I believe our compressed air experts have been trained by some of the greatest people in the industry. We are not a call center or order takers... This is our Business and we Make It Happen... want to learn more? read more


Not sure the compressor you are looking at is the right one for your application? Confused why some air compressor people list piston displacement vs. CFM @ rated pressure, you ask which one really matters.


Manufacturers support their equipment through their service network. Anything Compressor World sells is warranted and serviced through a service center closest to your location. Once the machine ships your Compressor World representative will send you a packet with the local service centers contact information.

Budget Restrictions?

Make it happen with our leasing options. Some of our manufactures offer 0% Ninancing for 12 –24 months, call one of our experts to see which lease best Nits you’re application.Visit our leasing page.

Good, Better, Best?

There is no “better” or “best” air compressor,there is only the right compressor for your application. If I put a “good”, “better”, or “best” compressor section on the site then I would be creating a great marketing scheme together.

The Focus...

Don’t be confused, there are many compressors on this site, there will be many different compressors presented to you when you ask for a few different proposals. Our compressed air experts will point you in the right direction.


No Hassles, No Pitches, No Pressure – Just Great Customer Service

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