About the Founders



Compressor World

The Compressor World concept saw its beginnings when Matt Mazanec realized the potential of an online sales business for compressor related products.

Matt was no stranger to the industry, having worked at his father Don’s business Air Energy, Inc., a company that has been providing Eastern New England with premium compressed air and vacuum products since 1985. 

The Compressor World idea hit its stride after Matt did the legwork to find and establish relationships with domestic and international businesses that manufactured compressor related products.  Since air compressors are used in multiple types of businesses, from car repair to machine shops to hospitals and university laboratories, Matt felt quite certain that the Compressor World concept would go the distance…and so he and business partner Steve Bergamesca began investing.

In the year 2000, Matt and Steve took the plunge, to create the Compressor World brand. The duo had sold for Air Energy until while building the Compressor World online component – a successful website – and most importantly had built their inventory to an optimal level. At that point they switched from Air Energy and brought more of the “customer service” concept to the online Compressor World business. 

Matt and Steve found that merging the Compressor World online sales engine with service was a seamless process, which means that the company has developed a new “hybrid” sales and service franchise for compressors -- a newer efficient model that will help increase sales and productivity.

Now, they are ready to share their success with you, as a potential member of the Compressor World franchise family.